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Above: I mentioned Robin Roberts’ return to full-time status on “Reliable Sources” this weekend.

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Robin Roberts ready to return to “GMA” full-time!

Here’s my story in the NYT:

One year after leaving ABC’s “Good Morning America” for a bone-marrow transplant, and six months after returning part time, Robin Roberts is ready to return full time as the show’s co-host.

“The day after Labor Day I’ll be back to a five-day-a-week schedule,” she said at an event this week celebrating the United States Open tennis tournament, surprising the reporters in attendance.

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A milestone for “Good Morning America:” 52 weeks in first place

ABC’s “Good Morning America” has been beating NBC’s “Today” show among total viewers for a full year now.

The Nielsen #’s for the week of August 12, released today, confirmed that ABC remains firmly in first place.The gap between “G.M.A.” and “Today” last week was 808,000 viewers. Among 25- to 54-year-old viewers, the ones that advertisers covet, the gap was 199,000.

ABC’s press release says these 52 consecutive weeks amount to its “longest stretch at No. 1 in more than 21 years – since before the 1991-92 season.” I haven’t seen a ratings press release from “Today” yet, but if one comes out, I’ll add the link here later.

"G.M.A." snapped the "Today" show’s 16-year winning streak in April 2012, but "Today" briefly returned to first place among total viewers thanks to NBC’s telecast of the Summer Olympics. The Olympics ended one year ago last week — and that’s when this "G.M.A." streak started.

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Because of your incredible work, Good Morning America has been #1 in Total Viewers for one entire year. It is an amazing accomplishment and a fantastic ride. We are also extremely grateful to the viewers who tune in every morning, and now it’s up to us to keep going. We are only just beginning.
Tom Cibrowski, the “GMA” boss, to staffers this morning